Cardio Kickboxing

Our Cardio Kickboxing program is a no-contact class designed for students that want to get the benefits of a Kickboxing/Muay Thai workout but prefer not to participate in full-contact kickboxing.

Classes begin with a 10-minute cardio warm-up and stretching routine.  After the warm-up, we do 2-3 rounds of shadow kickboxing.  You'll then partner up, put on Thai pads and drill a combination of kick strikes with each leg.  After kick drills, an instructor will demonstrate 1 or 2 strike and counter combinations that you'll drill with a partner.  We drill these combinations until everyone is comfortable with them.  We end each class with 3 rounds of heavy bag work that will leave you feeling great!  Of course, there's a lot more to it and we do change the class structure every few weeks with new and exciting combinations and drills.  You'll have to attend a class to find out more.

As you progress in your training, and if you are interested in participating in our competition kickboxing program, talk to an instructor about your goals.


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