We love what we do, and we are confident you'll love training at Open Guard BJJ.

Our membership plans are simple - you pay month-to-month.  There are no long-term contracts and no belt testing fees - we don't even care if you buy gear from us.

If you like training with us, which we are confident you will, just keep coming back.  If you don't like our program, let us know, and we'll cancel your membership (30-day advanced notice via email is all we ask).  It's really that easy!

The following membership rates are for Open Guard Brazilian Jiu-JitsuKickboxing, and No-Gi Grappling programs.  If you're ready to try a free class, please download and complete our Liability Waiver and the Health Waiver and bring them with you to your free trial class.  If you are ready to join, download the Membership Agreement, fill it out, and bring it with you to the next class.

Membership Rates